Practice Areas

Sammons Law Firm provides competent legal representation to our clients in many areas including energy and natural resource law, business bankruptcy, business law, mitigation banking, regulatory permitting, and quality control issues.

Energy & Natural Resources

Sammons Law Firm navigates permitting and laws pertaining to West Virginia energy and natural resources for activities such as coal mining, oil and gas drilling, and other resource extraction, as well as environmental regulations such as the Clean Water Act.

Bankruptcy Process & Laws

We assist individuals and businesses with the bankruptcy process in West Virginia, from filing a petition with the court, meeting with creditors, and working with the court to provide you a fair and orderly resolution of financial affairs.

Business Structure & Laws

We understand West Virginia business law and structure from the formation, operation, and dissolution, to issues such as contracts, liability, and taxes. We can help you start a new business and get operating legally and effectively.

Quality Control Issues

Sammons Law Firm helps develop, review, and implement Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Control Manuals. These tools ensure consistency, efficiency, and quality in your operations — as well as establish and maintain high standards, meet expectations, and minimize the risk of errors.

Auto Accidents & Personal Injury

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you a victim or have you been injured due to the negligence of others? We can help.